The iOS app that keeps you motivated with curated challenges for Peloton lovers. Join challenges, track progress and keep riding!

Find Challenges

Find the perfect challenge to keep you going. Themed-challenges, instructor based challenges, and much more so you never want to stop getting fit.

preview rides

Easily see the class plan and playlist to make sure you'll be groovin' to the music and you can stay motivated!

Track progress

Easily track progress, see what ride is up next and stay on top of your activity. Simple.

Celebrate success

Need that extra motivation? We love celebrating success to keep us going day in and day out.

Build your own

And coming challenges for yourself, your friends or to share with the world!

And much more coming soon

We're just getting started and have new features planned so you can build your own challenges, share with friends (or the whole world!) and more.We'd love your ideas and feedback - drop us a line at:
[email protected]

Random workout generator!

Always struggling to figure out what workout to do next? Check out our fun random workout generator!

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